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Flex Fuel Replicator

If you need to replace the flex fuel sensor on your flex fuel vehicle, now is the time to consider a better alternative.  T&S Electronics, LLC developed the original steady signal device, the Flex Fuel Sensor Replicator that offers many advantages over replacing an OEM flex fuel sensor.  These advantages include:


  • Lower Cost:  The Replicator price is $150 compared to a list price for a new OEM flex fuel sensor of $612.


  • Ease of installation:  The Replicator easily installs in minutes with no tools required, and no fuel lines to disconnect.  Whereas, the OEM flex fuel sensor replacement time is typically 2-3 hours and requires specialized tools for disconnecting and reconnecting fuel lines.


  • Improved Fuel Economy:  Installing the Replicator will eliminate your engine’s ability to run flex fuels, like E85, but with unleaded gasoline the Replicator will maintain a slightly leaner fuel/air mixture.  In actual road tests the Replicator has shown an average improvement in fuel economy of 1.4 mpg.

The Flex Fuel Sensor Replicator was developed by T&S Electronics, LLC.  Our company has decades of experience in the automotive industry, electronics design and fabrication, and manufacturing, .    Our product development team designs our products to meet and exceed the harsh environment that automotive sensors are exposed to.

We have thousands of Replicators in service throughout the United States and Canada with tremendous success.  We were the first to develop this product and over the past three years have provided a long term solution for thousands of satisfied customers.  Service engine lights go out and state inspections are passed with no problem on vehicles with our Replicator installed.

You can put your trust in T&S Electronics. We provide exceptional quality products for the automotive industry.  Our products have been carefully designed to provide the highest performance for your vehicle.  Our goal is your satisfaction with our product. We look forward to serving you!

T&S Electronics, LLC

We will promptly answer any questions at:


Flex Fuel Replicator - GM

Price:  $150  with Free Shipping

Original Flex Fuel Sensor
The Flex Fuel Replicator takes the place of the original Flex Fuel sensor shown below.  After installing a Flex Fuel Replicator your vehicle's computer will always recieve feedback indicating regular octane fuels (87 to 91 octane) and will not be capable of running E-85

Flex Fuel Replicator - Ford

Price:  $150 with Free Shipping

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Buy with confidence.  Our Replicators ship within 1 business day after receipt of your payment.

Refund Policy:  If you are not completely satisfied with your Replicator we will refund your money less a $25 restocking fee.
        By T&S Electronics

Made In USA        Patent Pending




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